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FAQ: Liver Function Tests Print E-mail
Written by Kimberly Vaughn, MD   
Sunday, 25 October 2009
There are a number of ways to test liver function. Each test has its own name, as listed in the section below.
Who is a candidate for the test?

Liver function tests are ordered to see if the person's liver is healthy and functioning properly.
How is the test performed?

For the specific way in which each liver test is performed, refer to one of the following tests:
- albumin, a protein synthesized by the liver
- ALP, an enzyme found in the liver, bones and placenta
- ALT, an enzyme found primarily in liver cells
- AST, an enzyme found in the liver as well as many other body organs
- serum bilirubin, a waste product formed by the breakdown of red blood cells
- urine bilirubin
- GGT, an enzyme present in the liver, pancreas and kidney
- LDH, an enzyme found in the liver
- PT or prothrombin time, which tests the blood's ability to clot
- total cholesterol, a substance stored in the liver
- total protein, a nutrient normally broken down by the liver and it's enzymes

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