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Abortion Activists launch Drone to deliver Abortion Pills to Citizens Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Rosenberg   
Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Activism appears to have a new ally: drone technology.

Those who fought to make abortion legal in the West likely never envisioned a time when pro-abortion activists would use drones to air-drop abortifacients -- so-called "morning after" pills -- to pro-choice recipients across a common geographic border.

However, that's exactly what the Dutch activist group Women on Waves is preparing to do.

The group says it is preparing to fly an "abortion drone" that will carry a payload of morning-after pills from Germany into neighboring Poland, one of the few European nations where the procedure remains illegal. The act will be a violation of Polish legal and political sovereignty.

As reported by Science Alert:

The project, which is a collaborative effort with a number of other European pro-choice organizations, is intended as a protest action to "mark the different reality for Polish women to [access] safe abortion services compared to other women in Europe."

Organizers planned to launch the Abortion Drone over the weekend of June 27-28, the report said. The launch was to begin in Frankfurt and fly to a previously undisclosed location within the country of Poland, where it will then land to deliver its payload.

Imposing one's values and point of view
The group's organizers are keeping the specific destination close to their vests, most likely as a way to prevent or minimize any interference from Polish or German authorities who would likely attempt to disrupt the flight and delivery.

Nevertheless, group organizers said they were confident that they were not violating any laws, stating: "As the Abortion drone weighs less than 5 kg, is not used for any commercial purposes, will stay within the sight of the person flying it and does not fly in controlled airspace, no authorization is required under Polish or German law."

"We want to create awareness about women's right to a safe abortion," Rebecca Gomperts, the group's founder, said in an interview with UK's The Guardian newspaper.

"The drone is another way to use the different laws in different countries in order to draw attention to the social injustice that women who are living in places where abortion is illegal are subject to," she said.

Social injustice, of course, is defined differently by different people. It is clear that Polish authorities might view the drone's violation of national boundaries -- if not its cargo -- with contempt.

Nevertheless, the show must go on because Women on Waves believes theirs is the morally superior position and must therefore be forced upon others, even if they don't agree.

"In Poland, even women who could have an abortion under Polish law are often denied it because Catholic hospitals don't help them, even if their life is in danger. Rich people can go to Germany or the UK to have abortions, but it's the women who don't have the means or access to information who are suffering," added Gomperts, who is a physician.

Threats to shoot down the drone
The group's announcement has created no small amount of controversy. The Guardian reported that pro-life organizations were even planning to shoot the drone out of the sky if possible.

"It's not easy to shoot down a drone and fortunately guns are not that easy to get in Europe," Gompers noted. "But it's problematic because it's a very aggressive strategy that's intended to make people afraid. And it's nonsense because it will not stop women from needing an abortion."

The drone's planned payload included mifepristone and misoprostol, both of which are abortifacients that can be taken up to nine weeks into a pregnancy.

Women on Waves provides medical abortion pills around the world, usually by post after women place orders online, The Guardian reported.

The paper added that some estimates place the number of illegal abortions in Poland each year at about 50,000.


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