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Celebrity Rhinoplasty Secrets Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Rosenberg   
Thursday, 17 September 2009
To give you an edge in red hot tinseltown, an almost perfect nose is required to match the features of that Aphrodite- beauty and svelte figure.
A Beverly Hills - based doctor and clinical instructor of cosmetic surgery at the University of Southern California, said that “a good nose is important because it sets the canvas for the entire face.”
He further added that “a well- performed nose job has no external scars and is indistinguishable even to a trained plastic surgeon.” It is also essential, a plus factor for that matter, that they have noses to be “thank you, doctor” but emerge as never been gone under the knife.
Due to the request of a certain magazine tabloid, the source gives out his critique on celebrity rhinoplasty through the unretouched photos shown to him.
Best celebrity rhinoplasty

On Yasmine Bleeth - The source considers her to have “a very feminine and beautiful nose on an over- all beautiful face.” He added that it appears to be the nose she was born with, but if it was not, it was such a successful nose job.
On Sharon Stone - The source described her of having that “super nose.” Even if it was not touched or thanks to rhinoplasty, he added that Stone should not change a thing and just simply maintain it.
On Halle Berry - The source said that similar to that of Demi Moore’s, her nose looks to have trimmed down. It was not over Caucasianized, as some plastic surgeons tend to do with ethnic noses. He complimented that Berry’s nose “adds to her tremendous natural beauty.”
On Michelle Pfeiffer - The source does not find her nose perfect but “the rest of her face more than makes up for it.” It seems as if she is another celebrity rhinoplasty patient that has come out with little imperfections that can be distinguished. He added that if Pfeiffer was a model, those flaws would surely hinder her from posing at certain vantage points.”
On Michael Fox - The source commented that Fox has that “nice nose” where it is “not too cute and not too macho.” It grants him those chameleon features that allow him to play varied characters.
Worst celebrity rhinoplasty

On Kevin Bacon - The source finds him to have that vintage “Irish street fighter’s pug nose” that permits Bacon to portray both villain and protagonist roles.”
On Matt Damon - The source might have said that Damon has a “flat and unattractive nose” but this had not stop screaming girls to go gaga over his boy- next- door- charms.
On David Schwimmer - The source said that Schwimmer had a nose job but it suited his facial features. He further commented that it could have been still “slightly refined and improved.”
On Bruce Jenner - The source considers this celebrity rhinoplasty to be “poorly performed.” Jenner’s slim and feminine- looking nose makes his “once handsome face” appear kind of hilarious.
On Julia Roberts - The source said that Roberts has this lengthy nostrils with hanging columella where the central part of the nose is drooping down between the nostrils. He added that its either she had her nose done or it is inherent. Bookmark and Share

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