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What is Bronchoscopy? Print E-mail
Written by Glenn Rosenberg   
Friday, 09 October 2009

A bronchoscopy is a test done with a thin, flexible fiber-optic tube called a bronchoscope.

The tube is inserted through the nose or mouth into the lung. A tissue sample can be removed for study, or biopsied.

Who is a candidate for the test?
This test is performed when lung disease, a tumor, or an obstruction are suspected.

How is the test performed?

With the person relaxed and lying down on a table or bed, a local anesthetic is sprayed into the throat and a mild sedative is given. When the throat is numb, the bronchoscope is inserted through the nose or mouth into the bronchi, or large airways in the lungs. The fluid is then removed and sent to the laboratory for analysis. Respiratory tissues can then be observed and biopsied.


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