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What are Blood Platelets and How to Increase Their Count? Print E-mail
Written by Amanda Wattson, MD   
Sunday, 22 November 2009
Has your count of blood platelets been staying low no matter what you do? You have tried steroids and the harshest form of medical treatment. But your platelets will not move over 30,000? You may have even tried all the quack remedies promoted online.
Do not get me wrong, there are some products and recommendations on the internet that are of great value. There are remedies that have been tested that are effective. But maybe you have even tried those supposedly tested remedies. And they did not work for you. Why? Keep on reading and you will find out why they did not work for you. And how you can finally attack ITP and get your platelets to increase.

You see, many people surround ITP with mystical thoughts. They see it as a strange disorder that no one knows the cause and especially, no one knows the cure. Some suffer with the condition. But it is kind of strange but, some people even seem to act prowd that they are the only ones who have this condition and no one can actually cure them. Weird isn't it! That is until they find themselves under the knife or doing treatments that are not so pleasant. That can be humbling experience.

But what many do not know is that the cause or causes of ITP are known. Some of these causes are hidden under the carpet and others are not mentioned because they are not politically correct. What am I getting at? A count of blood platelets that is low due to Idiopathic Thrombocytopenia Purpura has so many causes, that you must know what exactly initiated your problem and eliminate that cause. This can be done in the majority of the cases. But there may be a few who cannot point their fingers at a specific cause. But if you can, you are able to address this problem more effectively and increase your possibility of going into complete remission.

Here are some causes that many don't know about:

1) Bread and wheat products can be a culprit of ITP in many cases
2) The Helicobacter Pylori bacteria can cause ITP especially in those over 60
3) Vaccinations - a hot topic no one talks about. But it has been proven by studies and it is a known fact that vaccinations can cause ITP. Go search it at Medline and you will see I am not lying.
4) Overeating can precipitate a decrease in platelets in those already predisposed to this disease
5) Leaky gut syndrome is a major factor in all autoimmune diseases including ITP
6) Stress is definitely a stimulator of the ITP acute phase.
7) Bad oxygen molecules present in your body can destroy millions of platelets.
8) And much more factors can be mentioned that due to the length of this article you will have to wait for another moment.

So how can you increase your count of blood platelets effectively? You must take an approach that attacks the entire factors in your life that is keeping your disease chronic!
To get better from ITP, you can't just take a remedy and expect miracles. You have to be willing to do a few changes in your life style and add the herbs that are truly effective in getting you better. I know you were probably expecting me to give you a specific remedy.

But if I did, I would only be repeating the same error that you have been repeating all your life. The concepts shared here will guide you towards complete healing. If a psychologist is searching for the reason why a person is going thru a specific mental disease, he has to search for the patient's background and find where it all started. And then apply the right therapy. You should do the same.

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