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Control Yeast to Maintain Good Body Ecology Print E-mail
Written by Mike Cohen   
Friday, 02 October 2009
Yeast infections are a pain, as most women can attest, but the yeast organism can be more insidious than in this easily treatable vaginal ailment.

It often reproduces  unnoticed inside your body until its population is out of control. Eating a diet overloaded with sugar, white flour, and fermented foods encourages chronic overproliferation of yeast.

This contributes to malabsorption of food and eventually malnutrition if the body ecology is not restored to normal.

To combat internal yeast, eliminate white flour, sugar, fats, and processed foods from your diet. Eat only whole grains and vegetables, adding natural antifungal substances such as citrus seed extract, caprylic acid, and garlic supplements, all available in health food stores.

Additionally, repopulating your intestinal environment with acidophilus supplements or plain goat’s yogurt over a course of three to four months will gradually re-adjust the balance of organisms within your body.

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